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Samsung Phone Hangs Again: Repair Solutions

Have you ever experienced being in the middle of something important when suddenly your phone is hung? Well, nothing is more frustrating than that. But what can you do to get out of this situation? This article is all about your help in fixing phone hanging issues. You can use these strategies for fixing your phone or visit the Samsung repair center in Boise for technical help. At Four Corners Repair Center, we make sure to provide the best phone repair services to you so that you can use your phone without any interruption. Reach out to us if you are having any problems with your phone, and we are ready to help.

Solutions From A Samsung Repair Center For Phone Hanging Issues

Here we will talk about the most helpful solutions to get rid of phone hanging problems. You can use system repair tools or restart your phone to fix the hanging issue. Moreover, you can also update your software and clear your cache to ensure the smooth performance of your phone without hanging. Other options are resetting your phone or replacing your components that create hanging issues. Contact the professional Samsung repair center in Boise if something else is needed.

Use System Repair

System repair software is always great to help you deal with phone hanging issues. But one thing to remember before using this software is to back up your data, as it removes your entire data for successful phone repair. System repair will deal with all kinds of phone freezing and hanging issues. Moreover, you can also consider it for repairing black screen and app crashing issues. It supports a wide range of Samsung phone models, which is a great thing to do here. Or you can also take help from a cell phone repair shop to fix your phone hanging problems with high reliability.

Clear Caches

Sometimes phone hanging issues can also be due to an overload on your phone system. For this, you can clear the cache and reduce the load on your phone. This might help solve phone hanging problems as it will include the deletion of junk files that affect your phone’s performance. To clear the cache:
Go to your phone’s settings and click on the storage option.
Choose a file type and click on the “More” icon.
Go to the advanced settings and choose clear app cache to clear the app junk.

Restart Your Device

You can restart your phone by pressing the power button for a few seconds, and you will get an option to restart your phone on your screen. You can force restart your phone if you cannot perform this action. For this long, press the power and volume down buttons for 15 seconds. Your screen will go black, then release the buttons and turn on your phone again.

Consider OS Update

It is important to update your phone to ensure it can work well with the latest apps and features. For this, unlock your phone first and go to the settings. Then click on software update and choose download and install. Click on the install now option to update your device. Visit a cell phone repair store in Boise if you need help updating your phone. Their professionals are always great at helping you with the entire update process.

Reset Your Phone

You can also try resetting your phone to eliminate the phone hanging problem. Factory resetting your device will restore it to its original condition with a lot of internal memory storage. Make sure to back up your phone before performing this step. Resetting your phone will remove all your data from the device.

Replace Phone Components

Sometimes you face frequent phone hanging issues if your components have worn out or are very old. For this, replace your old components and get new and efficient parts installed in your phone for smooth phone performance. Old and damaged phone components affect the performance of your device. Cell phone mechanics will be helpful to you in replacing your phone components properly. They ensure to complete the replacement process without damaging your phone.


Hopefully, you have got help from these best solutions to get rid of the phone hanging issue. Next time your phone gets stuck somewhere, use these strategies to take yourself out of that situation. If these things aren’t beneficial, it is better to see professional help from the Samsung repair center in Boise. At Four Corners Repair Center, we have technical experts who know the software and hardware issues related to your phone. We have many repair services related to phone hanging, overheating, battery issues, connectivity problems, etc. We make sure to figure out the cause of hanging issues and then come up with appropriate solutions to take you out of this situation. Contact us today or book an appointment.