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Samsung Original Vs Aftermarket

Repairs Using A Samsung Original Vs Aftermarket Parts By Four Corners Repair

Another broken display? Each and every smartphone owner has run into this issue at least once, and some may have run into it multiple times.

You can either take your mobile device to a Samsung repair center in Boise, or you can try fixing it on your own. The question that must be answered in either case is whether to use an authentic replacement part or an aftermarket equivalent.

The question that must be answered in either case is whether to use an authentic replacement part or an aftermarket equivalent from a Samsung repair center in Boise.

But what sets apart these two choices? Replacement displays for Samsung smartphones are a fine example of a cell phone repair store in Boise.

Samsung and Spare Parts

Unlike Apple, Samsung takes a different approach to spare components. Samsung’s equipment is built by the same companies that manufacture the spare parts, and the latter is marketed as genuine Samsung products.

If the buyer ultimately decides he wants to use the device’s original display, he can easily do so. The logo on each component is a symbol of the manufacturer’s commitment to quality, which is a major benefit of using genuine replacement parts.

So, the buyer always knows what he’s getting from the cell phone repair center and all parts comply with the required requirements and work well with the gadget.

Samsung Original vs Aftermarket Parts

However, many people favor aftermarket components, which are not made by the original manufacturer. However, there are usually trade-offs that justify the cheaper price. Typically, this is what displays look like:

  • Lower overall image quality
  • Poor color rendering
  • Weaker vantage points
  • Potential device compatibility issues
  • Lower battery life equates to higher energy demand

Using anything except authentic Samsung mobile components can lead to a wide variety of issues. Therefore, if you need to replace the screen on your Samsung device, you should get an authentic replacement component instead of taking the chance on a cheaper, but almost certainly lower-quality, OEM replacement part.

Customers who purchase replacement components from us frequently inquire as to whether or not there is a substantive difference between Samsung’s original AMOLED panels and aftermarket equivalents such as, for instance, OEM OLED displays.

Should I spend my money on name-brand components, or would I be fine with something more affordable?

The question of which screen type to use becomes apparent when the original screen breaks and a replacement must be purchased. Finding a replacement screen for your Samsung AMOLED device will cost you a pretty penny.

OEM OLED displays, on the other hand, can be purchased at much lower costs.

  • Difference in display quality in sunlight 

The Samsung OEM display readability in direct sunlight is almost identical to the original. You won’t notice a decrease in brightness, color, or resolution with the unaided eye.

  • Samsung OEM display and compatibility 

When an OEM screen is installed in lieu of the device’s original screen, many consumers worry that they may lose some of the device’s original functionality. There is no need to be concerned because the Samsung OLED panels in OEM grade still have all the functionality, including fingerprint reading.

  • Screen bezel size 

The size of the bezels is arguably the most visible distinction between the original Samsung display and the aftermarket OLED replacement. The appearance of the phone alters to some extent because the bezel on some OEM screens is significantly larger.

 The functionality is still there, though. It should be mentioned, nonetheless, that everything depends on the replacement part’s quality. The bezels on less costly models are very wide, but if you choose a more expensive substitute, the difference won’t be as obvious.

  • Lifetime of Samsung replacement screens 

When purchasing aftermarket displays, it’s critical to keep in mind that they are produced by businesses without access to Samsung’s level of cutting-edge technology. As a result, they are far poorer in quality, and this is evident in both their endurance and usability.

 Of course, everything is dependent on the OEM part maker. But compared to original displays, which are often trouble-free and have a long lifespan, we have long noticed more complaints regarding aftermarket screens.


We believe we at the Samsung repair center in Boise, can solve these issues for you, despite the fact that there are many difficult components to mending your own Samsung phone. 

All the components and expertise you’ll need to complete your repair are available at Four Corners Repair Center, along with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the procedure. We also offer apple phone repair in Boise.