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Benefits of Repairing Samsung Phones from Samsung Repair Center

Benefits of Repairing Samsung Phones from Samsung Repair Center

It is not fun at all to use broken technology. The general consensus is that you should visit an Apple shop if your iPhone is broken. The path to repair isn’t quite as obvious if you own a Samsung that needs to be fixed.

The repair of Samsung phones, along with information on where to get it done and what you can expect to pay to a Samsung repair center in Boise.

What Can You get Repaired at a Samsung Repair Center in Boise

Samsung offers direct repairs for all of its devices, from phones to refrigerators. Samsung only provides precise information on repair costs outside of screen repairs, unlike Apple, which is relatively open about the price of repairs and what they entail.

How much will it cost

Although there isn’t a comprehensive list of repair costs online, a few factors will affect the cost:

  • The device’s model and generation
  • If the warranty still covers it
  • Whether the problem is a result of the manufacturer’s error or your carelessness
  • The severity of the harm
  • type of harm

In some circumstances, such as when the equipment is still covered by warranty, and the problem is not your fault, the repair may be free of charge. If the gadget doesn’t adhere to Australian Consumer Law, you might also be eligible for free repairs, but we’ll get to that later.

While we cannot provide an exhaustive list of repair rates, we know that Samsung screen repair charges vary based on the size and age of the item in question.

The repair cost will increase with how pricey a device was when it was first released. Additionally, curved screen repairs will cost more; thus, thanks to Samsung. The costs to fix a Samsung screen on a phone, tablet, or timepiece are listed below.


Galaxy S21 Ultra

Galaxy 21+

Galaxy S21

Galaxy S20 FE

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20+

Galaxy S20







Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 10+

Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 5








Galaxy Alpha

Galaxy A42

Galaxy A71 5G

Galaxy A71 4G

Galaxy A51

Galaxy A31

Galaxy A21








Galaxy J7 Pro

Galaxy J5 Pro

Galaxy J2 Pro

Galaxy J7 Prime

Galaxy J5 Prime

Galaxy J8

Galaxy J3








Galaxy Z Fold2

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy Z Flip




Samsung Care VS Samsung Repair Center?

A priority repair and support service, Samsung Care, is available for select Samsung devices. It comes with mobile devices and includes the following:

  • On certain items, and in urban regions, speed-assured 24-hour gadget repairs are available.
  • Instant Response is a priority service that will help you stand out.
  • No-hassle delivery after repairs are finished, within 30 kilometers of the drop-off
  • Samsung Care doesn’t charge any money.


The 24-hour repair window for mobile items, including phones, tablets, wearables, and smartwatches, is called Speed Assured. These are only available during the Samsung Express Warranty period and cover Australian models.

Remember that the home delivery of the repaired item is not included in the 24-hour window.

Hassle-Free Delivery

Customers can choose free home delivery of the repaired device if they live within a 30-kilometer radius of an authorized Samsung service location. Delivery services will not be available to those using a loaned device. At the same time, it is being repaired, and the drop-off can only be made to the customer’s designated address, so you won’t be able to make last-minute changes if you happen to leave the office early, for instance.

Instant Response

Putting quotation marks around the word “instant” in “Instant Response” will better convey this. Although the name might suggest that you can anticipate a prompt response to inquiries, this isn’t the case.

Beyond-Quality Cell Phone Repair Center in Boise, ID

We at Four Corners Repair Center are dedicated to providing the best phone repair services that go above and above. We continuously try to fully understand our customers’ issues regarding our phone repair services and to address them promptly. 

We pay particular attention to the problem with your equipment with the assistance of a group of highly qualified and experienced technicians. By putting the proper solution into practice to stop further risk and danger, we may have minor to severe damages fixed at incredibly reasonable prices.

We service several types of phone equipment, including Android, iPhone, and Smartphones. Additionally, by calling our Samsung repair center in Boise to handle the job of fixing your phone, you not only save yourself from this situation but also get peace of mind knowing that your phone is in the hands of a capable and knowledgeable professional.

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